About Us

Miller Girl Candle Co began as just a hobby in our kitchen ❤ My husband and I hand pour all of our candles and melts ourselves, in small batches, right here in Manteno, IL.

We use a soy wax blends for our candles and wax melts. They are soy mixed with paraffin, high quality, phlalate-free, fragrance oils and cotton wicks.

Our candles are poured by our hands and labels are put on our jars one at a time, not mass produced by machines at a candle factory. We pride ourselves in producing a high quality, hand made product and we make sure to pour loving intentions into these candles along with the wax.

You may notice that we make Miller themed candles but we pour in Manteno, IL. I was born and raised in the Miller neighborhood in Gary, IN as were my parents and all of my Aunts and Uncle. All William A Wirt High School Alumni (c/o 97!) Miller is located along the Northeast side of Gary, right on the shores of Lake Michigan. Much of my family and friends still live there. While, I spent a chunk of my 20s in Arizona and Texas and my job has moved me around quite a bit in my 30s, Gary and especially Miller, have always held a special place in my heart. I will always think of it as my home. Manteno is really great but I'm glad I live just a short ride away from Miller as we visit often.

Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions! 

Thanks for reading ❤